Praktrik is the perfect blend between design and functionality. We create sustainable, innovative and mind joggling puzzle furniture pieces that suit every need. Interlocking puzzles are very special structures. They combine mysticism, structural rationalism, and interactivity in one.


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Interlocking puzzles are very special structures. They combine mysticism, structural rationalism, and interactivity in one. They embody the perfect composition where either adding or subtracting elements can destroy it.

Designers of such brainteasers are like magicians, they show us how material objects that look impossible can become a reality. Magic of course is not required, only a bit of simple trickery. Tricks, that we believe can also power everyday lives for practical purposes. This is what we do - practical tricks!

We started this company with the vision to blend practical puzzles with the aesthetics of a clean design. Over the years we have developed our collections, striving to deliver high quality with a creative twist. We believe that through providing innovative and customisable solutions to interior spaces, we will continue successfully challenging perceptions of standard furniture compositions.

All furniture is inspired by burr puzzles. We see great potential for facilitating their principles for utilitarian purposes. All pieces are made of high quality natural materials and require absolutely not tools or fixtures for assembly.

Highly customizable, our products can be assembled and disassembled multiple times, and some − in various alternative combinations! Our goal was to turn a highly complicated geometrical equation into easy, practical and high-end design space solutions for our clients. This is how the unique assembly principles for our collections were born.








Originality of the principles we invent is fundamental for us!


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Finding undiscovered structures is our main focus; as a result, we do not use geometry that we have not discovered ourselves. This is the main difference between PRAKTRIK and most of the puzzle inspired products one can find on the market. We try to not just adapt well known interlocking brain teasers for practical purposes but to develop new ones.

After we find a new concept we make a research to check if it has already been discovered and used in the same context. Sometimes the initial research makes us believe that the principle we have found is our own invention but after some time we incidentally run across the same geometry.

The joinery concept behind our 1 × 6 table turned out to be literary the same as the one of the 6 piece slide structure of the Dutch artist Rinus Roelofs discovered by him several decades before us. In this case we asked him for permission to use it. He has done such a huge creative work discovering dozens of new principles embodied in beautiful sculptures. We are proud that we have found something he also invented, no matter we were not the first!