set ups: 1
difficulty: difficulty level 1
H 280mm × W/D 280mm



VIL2 is inspired by interlocking burr puzzles. It consists of 6 identical plywood elements. All parts stay together without the need of glue and nails.


It is part of "coordinate" collection. Coordinate because in order to be assembled all parts must be moved together towards the center as a coordinate-motion (slide-together) structure. Once assembled the box stays stable even if one tries to move one or two of its elements. The level of difficulty in this case depends not on dexterity but mostly on spatial vision.

VIL2 can be used as both: a chandelier and a table lamp. It can hold different number and different types of standard E27 Edison bulb sockets, depending on its function.


The standard kit contains only the wooden parts.


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