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The mixed wood version includes maple, walnut, cherry, and wenge. For large and custom size orders please contact us. For shipping quotes add the product to cart and chose a shipping option on checkout. The item is delivered flat-packed with assembly instructions included. We deliver worldwide.

4 × 3 Coffee Table 4x3-puzzle-coffee-table-v3-mixed--top-02.jpg


12 elements - 4 set-ups

4 × 3 is our most flexible table structure. It consists of 12 elements that can be assembled in 4 different set-ups with different heights and styles − from minimalist to expressive, making it suitable for a variety of interior solutions. The piece is made only of natural materials. Our fresh take on it is to use different kinds of high quality wood for each element type.



4 × 3 Coffee Table 4x3-coffee-table-mixed-context-01.jpg



4 × 3 Coffee Table 4x3-set-ups-01.jpg



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